Reddit: The Official App

I get most of my reading done on the train each day.  Reddit is a site that allows users to subscribe to one or more groups (sub-reddits) that deliver curated content.  I’ve found that to get the best experience, you need to view reddit from a native app.


  • Make common UI actions easier to perform.  Common interactions for most people include:
  • *  Viewing Comments
  • *  Upvoting a post
  • *  Downvoting a post

Right now these buttons feel impossibly tiny, and are difficult for users to press.



  • Trying to please everyone.  Reddit clients are a dime a dozen these days. Examples: one, two, three, four and five.  My concern is that the product team may try to implement every feature that each competing reddit client has, and if not done with careful consideration to UI, could lead to a confusing experience.

Instead, focus on adding additional polish to your already great features and functionality.  For example, if you currently scroll to the bottom of the comments list, you cannot downvote the last comment because the jump to top link is obstructing it.



  • Putting effort into streamlining the experience through built-in viewers.  For example, I like that I can view a GIF without navigating to a separate screen.
  • Listening to the user community through  This is a great way for any company to solicit both feature requests and report bugs.